Homecoming: Top 5 Queen Candidates Announced

Candidates React During Lunch Announcements


Cassie Ford

During third lunch, senior Hailey Gifford celebrates the top five homecoming queen announcements.

Cassie Ford, Editor in Chief

The top five homecoming queen candidates were crowned at lunch Sept. 17. Voting for the Homecoming queen will be on Canvas for all students 9-12 grade starting Monday, Sept. 20. The top five are Suzie Silvio, Sofia Cascone, Christiany Miller, Sydney Peck and Lilly Utz. Read about the top 11 candidates here.

Sofia Cascone was crowned as one of the top five queen candidates third lunch. (Cassie Ford)


Christiany Miller was crowned during fifth lunch. (Cassie Ford)


Sydney Peck was crowned as a top five candidate during fifth lunch. Peck was interviewed by Student Council president Emmanuel Byrd. (Cassie Ford)


Suzie Silvio was crowned third lunch. (Cassie Ford)


Lilly Utz was crowned fifth lunch and was interviewed by senior Drew Mangold. (Cassie Ford)


Homecoming: Meet The Queen Candidates