Boy Scout Earns Eagle Scout Award

Completing Compost Bin Earns Boy Scout Award

Elyse Bredfeldt, Writer, Copy Editor, Editor-In-Chief


 Though senior Brandon Kelly began Cub Scouts in second grade, years later he was still involved in the program. 

     “I saw a bunch of other kids doing it, so I thought it’d be fun,” Kelly said. “I kept going because I enjoyed doing all the campouts and all the fun stuff that came along with it.”

     Kelly had two former Eagle Scout projects that fell through but landed on an idea that worked the third time. He chose to build a composting bin for Pharis Farm Historical Site in Liberty, Missouri. The project had certain requirements set for Scouts. 

     “The requirement said you have to plan and lead a service project dedicated to helping the community,” Kelly said. “So I went out there and helped and I built the project.” 

     Kelly had to put preparation into his project. Not only did he have to physically assemble the composting bin, he also had to do necessary paperwork and obtain permits. However, with construction he received support from woodworking teacher Aaron Dalton. 

     “He was the one that helped me figure out how exactly my project would fit together as well as what aspects would work and what aspects wouldn’t,” Kelly said. 

     Kelly built the compost bin on the site and said it was intended to help with maintenance of the grounds, though it had other purposes as well. 

     “It has helped with maintaining the grounds and the areas there,” Kelly said. “It’s also being used as an education material for middle schoolers.” 

     Kelly said that he felt a sense of accomplishment in the completion of this project, as he has seen the project benefit the community. 

     “I’ve seen a lot about it in the last few weeks,” Kelly said. “They’ve been using it quite a bit.“