More Off-Campus Programs Offered

Students share experiences from their off-campus activities.

Lily Carmichael, Writer, Photographer

     When considering opportunities outside of the classroom, students have a variety of off-campus options to explore there are

options besides NCAPS and Early College Academy that are less well-known. 

     Another program was recently added – the Excelsior Springs Fire Science course – where students learn how to become a

Grace Winkler

firefighter or EMT during the first hour of the day. The closest program that offers fire science is in Excelsior Springs, Mo., according to school counselor Mallory Para. Currently, one student is enrolled in the program, senior Salvatore Mormino. 

“There are a couple of stages to getting into the fire academy. In Fire One and Two students pretty much learn how to put out a fire,” Mormino said.

There are a total of four stages in the program, according to Mormino, and students have the opportunity to continue with the program in college. 

     “It gets me ready for after school, and I get to see the real world,” Mormino said. “The teacher is really interactive. He’s not trying to teach us stuff we will never use.”

    Another lesser-known program is The Advanced Technical Skills Institute (ATSI). This tech program at Metropolitan Community College has multiple branches involving engineering, welding, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) 

     According to Parra, one of the more popular branches of ATSI is the Kansas City Construction Career Academy, or KCCCA abbreviated. This program helps students gain experience in building maintenance and construction. Another option is the Career and Technical program, which provides students with the equipment and resources to learn about vehicles and mechanic responsibilities. 

     Along with the programs, there are also changes coming to early college. Students will have a chance to go to The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) for this program next school year. 

     “It’s exactly like Maple Woods,” Parra said. “They will go there for half of the day and then come to Staley for two blocks.”

      However only Juniors are allowed to apply this year. But despite the distance, the district will still provide transportation to any student who signs up to attend UMKC. 

“That’s the district’s philosophy,” Parra said. “All off-campus programs, we will provide transportation.” 

     UMKC is a sister school with the University of Missouri and the University of Missouri-St. Louis. It could provide an easier college credit transfer than its community college counterpart. However, it is not expected to gain as much popularity as Maple Woods, according to Parra. “I think it’s going to be a small student population,” Parra said. “I think most of our kids will go to Maple Woods because we’re talking 3 minutes over there, compared to 30 to 35 minutes to UMKC.” 


      The North Kansas City School District’s off-campus programs aim to help students prepare for careers after graduation. Many of these programs have a list of requirements to qualify.. Staley counselors can help students with interest in these activities. They can direct students to what program would best fit their career choice and guide them through the process of signing up for the program that they want.