Faculty Shares Favorite Books

“Pride and Prejudice,” by Jane Austin

ELA teacher McKay Lannigan (Izabella Berger)

“I am a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ nerd. My computer is covered with ‘Pride and Prejudice’ stickers. Elizabeth Bennet is amazing. She’s funny and clever. She is willing to wait for a man who deserves her. She fights for her family.”  








“To Kill A Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee 

Social Studies teacher Kendall Benner (Izabella Berger)

“This book makes you realize it’s OK to embrace all sorts of people, not to judge and to stay true to yourself. It shows us how humanity can impact one’s life.” 









 “Friday Night Lights,” by H.G Bissinger

Assistant Principal Kevin Kooi (Izabella Berger)

“First book I read cover to cover, read it numerous times. Made me excited about being a teacher and coach.”










“The Language of Emotions,” by Karla McLaren

French teacher Susan Downey (Izabella Berger)

“This book brings a lot of pieces together for me. Mindfulness, understanding trauma, emotional literacy. I will give this book to friends.”