Crypto King


Cooper Wyglendow

     Cryptocurrencies: the newest internet boom. A series of ones and zeros that hold artificial value according to the market. 

     Cryptos have become popular in the last year and a half, with the rise of Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum and dozens more, all adding up to cost more than $2 billion, according to 

     The cr

     Crypto fire has also been fueled by internet icons like Elon Musk who is a well-known supporter of Dogecoin and is a fierce advocate of its worth.  Cryptos can be a big risk but give big rewards. It’s a big gamble but if people win their bets, they could make lots of cha-ching.

     Sophomore Denis Chadliev has had his money invested in cryptocurrencies like Helium, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Chadliev has been investing in cryptocurrencies for about half a year now, and it’s been up and down. 

     “It worked out you know; I was up some money,” said Chadliev about how his investments started.

     Chadliev said he was up $300 in April with a total of $800 with his initial investment. However, Chadliev’s luck was to turn for the worse as the market took a big dip, the week of May 24,  causing him to go down by $60. 

     Chadliev warned others to invest in stocks, which he said could be a much safer bet and easier to judge for investors. 

     “The (crypto) market — it moves a lot. It’s not a safe bet, and I learned my lesson,” said  Chadliev. “The whole crypto market follows the price of Bitcoin.”

     That makes the market unreliable and vulnerable to massive shifts, he said. This also means that, if a person bets right, they can make some serious money, especially with Bitcoin.

     “It was going up thousands in a couple of days,” said Chadliev.

     The unregulated crypto market can be an investor’s friend or their worst nightmare. The little regulation and relative youth of the market allow them to invest, make quick cash and get out, but if investors stay too long or invest at the wrong time, it could be their downfall.