Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe Gains Popularity In Northland


Brianne Tremper

     Cat Cafes have become increasingly popular due to social media.

     “I don’t have any cats because my mom is allergic,” said sophomore Sophia Miles. “So, I was, like, ‘I want to go hang out with cats.’ I had a really fun time.”

      Sugar Kittens Cat Cafe and Cattery is a nonprofit located in Liberty, Mo., at 603 S. Route 291 Highway. It is a family-owned business by Lacy and Jeff Nielsen.

     “I’ve always been a cat lover, and when I lost my job in February due to the pandemic, I started fostering for the local rescue,” said Nielsen.

     They opened the cat cafe in November, and it has been busy since. They said they had no problems obtaining the permits to open the business.

     Almost all of the cats at the cafe are adaptable. Since they have been open, they have had more than 83 cats adopted. The selection of cats available for adoption is on their website, and their cats come from multiple shelters.

     “We’ve been working with the St. Joe Animal Shelter. We’ll be working with a shelter in Raytown pretty soon, and Gladstone and a couple have just come in off the streets,” said Nielson. “We’re our own rescue, so we are able to take in a few here and there.”

     Sugar Kittens also holds community events.

     “We do painting. We do yoga; soon we’ll be offering meditation,” said Nielsen.

     They are also working on some kids’ classes to hold at the cafe. Children will decorate a ceramic pot and will get them a kit in which to grow catnip or cat grass.

     They take in cats of all different abilities. Harry was born with luxating patella in both of his legs, which means that his kneecaps dislocate when he walks. They worked to raise money for his surgery, which would cost about $6,000.

     Sugar Kittens has a variety of options for food and beverages; and the choice for beverages range from coffee to bubble tea. Their food options are mainly baked goods and ice cream. The food and beverages are a separate cost from the $15 that it costs to hang out with the cats.

     Cats rush to greet people as they enter the cat room, and as they sit down, cats jump on laps or rub up against their legs. The room’s furniture allows cats to stretch out on almost every piece, and there are structures near the ceilings where the cats can climb, as well as cat trees.

     “It was nice,” said senior Ashton Olson on his experience at Sugar Kittens. “I got my jeans torn up by a cat, but I like cats.”

Brianne Tremper