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Takahashi Becomes American

In his Art 1 class, Manabu Takahashi teaches about 2D and 3D shapes on Sept. 13. Takahashi has been an art teacher for eight years.

Alexa Schulte, StaleyNews Editor-in-Chief

September 26, 2018

Moving to the United States at 4 months old was Manabu Takahashi, one of the art teachers. His parents moved to the United States from Japan for his dad’s job, relocating to St. Louis. “My parents were actually living in the United States before I was born, but they took me home to Japan because...

Service Sisters

At the Hope Center’s awards ceremony on May 22, sophomore Nia Daniels helps serve food for the kids. The ceremony was to honor and recognize the different program’s accomplishments and service. “Everyone was celebrated and people had a great time,” said Daniels.

Makenzie Hooton, Staff

May 23, 2018

    For students, finding time for community service hours can prove difficult. However, for sisters senior Imani and sophomore Nia Daniels, it’s like second nature. Their parents are involved with the youth programs at Hope Center KC, a nonprofit Christian organization that helps...

College Awaits

Jack Warner

May 14, 2018

A first-generation student is a person who is in the first generation of their family to attend college. The process of a student going to college can be a lot to handle, even if both parents attended college. Being a first-generation student has many obstacles that student and their families must...

Search To Success

Senior Corbin Sampson

Haylee Roberts, Editor-In-Chief

May 9, 2018

            Only one Staley student was accepted to Project Search, senior Corbin Sampson. The program can change his life by giving him an opportunity to explore various occupations throughout a hospital and find employment. “When I was first...


Bailey Kinder

October 11, 2017

After competing at state, Junior Jack Roberts earned a spot a Future Business Leaders of America nationals in Springfield, Mo.  Roberts, along with 12 others, went to state in Introduction to Financial Math, business communication and Management Information System.  "We had 19 FBLA state...

New Flock Leader

Paxton Donaldson, Staff

October 11, 2017

Competitive. Positive. Strategic. Funny. Confident. These are some of the traits that the new principal Larry Smith said describe him. He is eager to take part in the school’s culture, but he also has goals for the school. “Having a culture that is again student led and student driven and that strives to be the best, and that’s in anything,...

‘The People Make Staley Great’

October 11, 2017

In August of 2008, Staley High School opened its doors for the first time.  There were dignitaries, men in parachutes jumping out of a plane and fanfare.  This was all done to celebrate the new multi-million dollar school in the North Kansas City School District.  This new school would...

What’s All The Hype?

Filming for her next hype video at the pep rally on Sept. 20, junior Pierson Beaulieu records the students yelling a chant.  She  normally recorded the student section, cheerleaders, Emeralds and players during games. “I hope to make more videos for other sports,” said Beaulieu.

Alexa Schulte, Staff

October 11, 2017

Hype videos are quickly becoming popular, and junior Pierson Beaulieu has been creating them for each varsity football game. Each game has a theme for the student section, and her videos try to match each of the themes. “When making my videos, I try to think, ‘How enjoyable can I make the video?’...

National Award Winning Baton Twirler

Makenzie Hooton, Staff

September 27, 2017

Down on the football field, among the band and the Diamonds, is sophomore Averi Clement. She’s not there to play an instrument or toss a flag; Clement is a baton twirler-- the only one in the school. Clement said she always knew she had a knack for baton twirling even at a young age. She said when she was younger her sister got a toy for Christmas tha...

Papa Falcon Chooses ‘A Great Retirement’

Principal, Clark Mershon, gives his speech as MIPA administrator of the year at J-Day on March 29.

Emilie Kerr

May 24, 2017

In a surprise announcement on May 11, Papa Falcon revealed he is leaving the nest. Principal Clark Mershon is retiring after 35 years in public education, effective at the end of his contract this June. “I will always remember that opening day, Aug. 18, 2008. The most beautiful morning, crisp, not...

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