Christmas Music: How Early Is Too Early?

Students Debate Timing Of Holiday Music

Humberto Bermudez

When the month of November rolls around, Halloween is forgotten, and the month of holly jolly music begins. There is often a debate on whether it’s too early to be listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

It just makes me feel happy and reminds me of how much I like spending time with family and friends and the traditions I’ve had for a very long time,” social studies teacher Carrie Bowman said.

Some people would listen to Christmas music every day if they could, while others say it’s their tradition to play it so early. And some would say they play the music early just because it’s something everyone does and they will do the same, But some people won’t play it because it’s too early to listen to it.

“I don’t really enjoy Christmas music because I think it’s kind of weird,” freshman Pablo Armendariz said.

When it’s played, some people don’t really enjoy the sound of Christmas music. It can be to them not really liking it or it just gets annoying to them so they won’t listen to the music at all. 

“I think Christmas music brings people together because of how familiar and peaceful it is and how happy it can make some people,” sophomore Jenna Bahm said.

For some it can make them jolly and happy for whatever reason they can give, but Christmas music is on factor to what the Christmas spirit really is about.

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