New Honor Society Offers Recognition For Artists

National Art Honor Society Helps Community


Alondra Aguila

At the National Art Honor Society meeting Dec. 15, art teacher Manabu Takahshi works with society members.

Grace Winkler, Reporter

     Art students typically make pieces for class assignments, but now they are coming together in a new honor society – National Art Honor Society – to recognize art as an academic achievement rather than just a hobby. 

Grace Winkler


     NAHS is a nationally recognized organization for artists to produce work and create projects to help the community.

     “I’m very excited that art is being recognized as an honor society,” junior Eden Pfannes said. “It’s about time art gets its fair share.” 

     The main objective of NAHS is to create projects that are artistically motivated but also to reach out to the community creatively and help people in need. This could include creating art pieces together, working with charities or working with the younger students in the district’s elementary schools. The students could also reach out to businesses to expand the reach of their art.

     “It is very exciting for our high-achieving school,” art teacher Manabu Takahashi said. 

     NAHS members must remain in good standing with grades, pay dues, complete five service hours in visual arts for each year, and they must participate in at least two of the group’s activities or fundraisers. 

     “The qualification is simple,” Takahashi said. “There are a few rules and requirements, but other than that, it’s really if you are dedicated. And if you maintain the attendance and the high grade, you’ll be OK.” 

     Art teacher Olyvia Yates said NAHS helps high-achieving artists get the recognition they deserve. 

     “It’s an important opportunity for art students,” Yates said. “As artists, we are academic, and it’s really important for us to be recognized as so.” 

     Takahashi said he planned for NAHS students to celebrate diversity, get involved in assemblies, do more schoolwide projects and collaborate with other student organizations. 

     “This is a chance for art students in high school to have the opportunity to excel, not just in art but in your academic achievements,” Takahasi said. 

     NAHS would also be an outlet to expose art students to different opportunities within the arts, such as scholarships, an exclusive annual art exhibition and the chance to have art placed in the National Art Education Association’s magazine for art teachers. 

     At the Dec. 1 meeting, members split into different groups depending on their preferred type of project. Each group brainstormed project ideas. 

     “It’s a big opportunity for artists in the school to improve their art and resumes,” Phfannes said. 

     NAHS offers the chance for young artists to get their work out into the community, and the art teachers hope the group enhances creativity and exposes students to learn new concepts through art.