Students Enjoy Teachers’ Decorated Classrooms

Atmosphere Affects How Students Feel About Room


Grace Winkler

Broadcast teacher Janet Sobbe utilizes flexible seating and LED lights in the STTV room.

Grace Winkler, reporter

Social studies teacher Scott Anderson’s room features posters from popular movies and bands. (Grace Winkler)

     The environment in classrooms at school impacts the way students feel in the room. Some teachers have taken decorating and the physical atmosphere of their classroom seriously. These decorative classrooms have gotten positive feedback from students. 

     Social Studies teacher Scott Anderson has decorated his room to showcase his personality while also tying in some of the material that they will be going over in class. 

     “Anderson’s class is decorated with different aspects of his personality and things he likes,” Sophomore Ally Heintz said. “I feel like it helps us get to know him more and what he’s like as a person in and outside of school.” 

     Some of the posters in his room show off his personality. For example, he has Rolling Stones posters and “Star Wars” posters.

     Broadcast teacher Janet Sobbe has the STTV room  decorated with LED lights and different variations of flexible seating. 

     “The lights add a very nice vibe,” junior Avery Moore said. “I really like the flexible seating because it lets me sit with my friends.” 

     Flexible seating is popular among other classrooms as well. English teacher McKay Lannigan uses flexible seating, allowing  students to feel comfortable. 

Broadcast teacher Janet Sobbe utilizes flexible seating and LED lights in the STTV room. (Grace Winkler)

    “She has comfy chairs and bean bags. It’s a good change from sitting at a desk,” junior Sophia Villavicencio said. 

     For some, the way a classroom is put together can make them feel more connected to the teacher as a person. 

     “It makes me feel more at home seeing how a lot of the things I like she also likes,”  junior Ruky Ogolor said. “I would like teachers to decorate their classrooms more because it shows off what they think is cool, and sometimes you can find things that you have in common.”

     Overall, many students find that decor or different lighting elements in classrooms allow students to feel more calm than in a room with normal overhead lights on at all times. Social studies teacher Lauren Haberman uses different lamps and lights while rarely turning on the overhead lights. 

Social studies teacher Lauren Haberman uses lamps and string lights to decorate her classroom. (Grace Winkler)

     “The lights are calming,” junior Nadine Osborne said. “It’s nice that it’s a contrast from every other room, so if every room was like that, it wouldn’t be as special.”

     While most teachers have standard decorations all year, some put up decor based on the season. Math  teacher Kenneth Corum, Ed.D., decorated his classroom for Halloween. The decorations included lights, pumpkins and other little decorations.

     “I think it affected our schoolwork positively because we enjoyed a change of scenery to do our work in,” junior Madeleine May said. “I also think it lifted our spirits and made us happier to do our lessons.” 

     All in all, there is an overwhelming amount of support by students for teachers who use creativity to decorate the environment of their classroom. 

     “Generally, I think classrooms that are decorated nicely give a more relaxed vibe,” junior Ashlyn Gale said.