Lockdown Entertainment

Gaming Gains Popularity In Quarantine


Archie Dinwiddie, Reporter

Graphic by Rachael Mueller

During the COVID-19 team, and I think it’s yet again the imposter. If they are wrong, they Pandemic, people have become popular because it’s very go back to doing their tasks until stuck indoors, which has led to simple,” said sophomore Austin they figure it out. Both sophomore people having to find different ways Clark. Austin Clark and junior Ariana Dukes to entertain themselves. One way people have been entertaining themselves is through video games, making them grow in popularity. “Fall Guys” and “Among Us” were two games that did just that.

     “Fall Guys” was released Aug. 4, and recently the rating was at 4.4 stars by users with 12,436 Google ratings. It’s available on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Platforms. It is an ultimate survival game that flings hordes of contestants with online players as they dash through rounds of escalating chaos until a single victor remains.

“I like that it can be team-based, and it could just be you on your own

     One of the older but more recently popular games is “Among Us.” It was released June 2018. At last check, “Among Us” has more than 100 million downloads and has beat “Fall Guys,” but this game had already been released for two years. There is a serious science behind “Among Us” with gaining people’s trust in-game. To explain, there is a person who is deemed the “Imposter,” and their goal as the imposter is to eliminate the rest of the crewmates who are “innocent.”

When a crewmate thinks they know who the Imposter is, they talk among their other crewmates, and once they reach a decision, they vote out the crewmate they think is both liked “Among Us” and “Fall Guys”. Dukes said she thinks that “Among Us” has gotten the hype it deserves.

     Sophomore Austin Clark said there was some level of a psychological aspect to the game. People liked these games during lockdown because they were both simple to play and required strategy and concentration, according to Clark. Clark and Dukes both said they played and enjoyed these games.