Logan Paul Love or Hate

Logan Paul Controversy

Kara Morley, Staff

On Dec 31, 2017, Logan Paul posted a YouTube video that showed a dead body in suicide forest, Aokigahara, Japan. The video amassed over 6 million views before it was taken down the next day.

Immediately, Logan Paul received mass amounts of backlash. The YouTube vlogger with over 15 million subscribers at the time, Logan Paul’s entertainment career was shattered.

Recently, Logan Paul received backlash for a comment said on his podcast. “It’s male-only March. We’re going to attempt to go gay for just one month,” said Paul on his podcast Jan 9, 2019.

Despite his controversies, Senior Mark Newman is a fan of Logan Paul.

“I support Logan Paul because I knew him before all of the controversies with the suicide forest. I know his true self. I’m not worried about what other people think about him because I know him for who he actually is,” said Newman.

 Paul has become known for his comedy videos that sometimes include shallow comments.

“Logan’s one of the funniest YouTubers I know. He does ignorant stuff and that is my personality 100%. We can connect on a spiritual level.” said Newman.

Newman was not even fazed by the suicide video.

“I didn’t find his suicide forest video to be bad. I’m not going to get butthurt over it,” said Newman.

Another student, sophomore Charles Adams, is not a fan and thought Logan Paul’s suicide forest video was wrong.

“It was very insensitive of him to upload a video of someone else’s suicide. He had lots of opportunities to not make the video,” said Adams. “He’s a bit of a showoff. In general, I would imagine he’s not nice to hang around.” 

Adams also said Logan Paul doesn’t make a good role model.