NKC Schools Inclement Weather Procedures For 2021-2022

First 3 Inclement Weather Days Will Be Traditional ‘Snow Days’

North Kansas City School District


source: www.nkcschools.org/weather

If weather conditions or other unexpected, short-term events make it unsafe for students to attend in person, the district has several options: school may start two hours late, students may be released early, students may learn virtually, or in-person classes may be canceled entirely due to inclement weather. 

This year, we have continued to navigate the lasting impacts of COVID-19. In direct response to your feedback and in recognition of the challenges of another unusual year, we have a few adjustments to our inclement weather procedures:


The first three inclement weather days will be traditional “snow days” with no in-person or virtual classes. 

  • There is not an expectation that students nor teachers log in on snow days.
  • Enrichment activities will be accessible online should your family wish to continue learning from home.
  • Staff will follow existing expectations for reporting to work on snow days.
  • These days may be required to be made up. Potential make up days are included at the end of the school year in May as the calendar denotes. 
  • Adventure Club will continue to operate on all inclement weather days at their snow day/full day sites. Hours of operation will be 7:15 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • In the event that school is canceled for a full day, evening activities and classes will be canceled, as well. Any exception to this will be posted on the district website. 


Beginning with the fourth snow day, if needed, we will implement virtual learning days. 

  • Both elementary and secondary students should log in to Canvas to view communication from teachers and complete assignments for the day. Please ensure that your student logs in and completes all assignments on these days.
  • Teachers will work with students to prepare for the possibility of inclement weather days, ensuring they have access and can utilize Canvas from home. Our preschool teachers will also be communicating plans with the families they serve for these virtual learning days.
  • Teachers will work from home to support student learning. All other staff will follow existing expectations for reporting to work or working from home on virtual learning days.
  • Adventure Club will continue to operate on all virtual learning days at their snow day/full day sites. Hours of operation will be 7:15 a.m. to 6 p.m. All students must bring their iPad and charger to learn virtually. 
  • These days would not be required to be made up by students.


A two-hour delayed start will be used for days when daylight and additional time to treat roads mean safe passage is possible for students.   

  • In this case, the school day will begin two hours later at each building throughout the district. All schools will end their day at the regular end time. A full list of two-hour delayed start times is available here.
  • In the event of a delayed start, Early Childhood Special Education, Peers and Center-based Pre-K classes will be canceled for the entire day. 
  • On a two-hour delayed start day, all buses will pick up students two hours later than the regular pickup times, but the drop-off times will NOT change. 
  • Alternate stops for buses will be in effect. Transportation will communicate directly with all families affected by alternate stops. 
  • Adventure Club will operate at all schools from 6:45 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Late start days are considered full school days and are not required to be made up. 


In the case of developing weather conditions, the district may call for an early dismissal of students. In this case, there will be no evening activities or classes.


  • Dress your child to protect against wind and cold.
  • Buses may be a few minutes late. Please wait as we safely run every route.
  • Alternate bus stops may be in effect due to road conditions. Bus riders on alternate routes are notified directly by Transportation Services via SchoolMessenger.
  • We respect your decision to keep your child home when the weather is questionable.

Detailed information regarding virtual learning expectations, athletics and activities, Adventure Club, and more is available on our district website at nkcschools.org/weather.

In the case of a change to normal school operation due to inclement weather, families and staff will be notified as soon as possible in several ways:

  • District website: nkcschools.org provides the first notification of school closings and other cancellations.
  • Email, phone call and text message: Phone, email and optional text messages are sent to school families and employees when classes are canceled, delayed or students are released early. District parents may opt-in to receive text messages by texting “YES” to 67587.
  • Social media: Information will be posted on the district’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Radio & TV: Local stations share announcements on air and on their websites.