Blackout for a Cause

Facts About the Annual Blackout Run

Haylee Roberts , Reporter

HOW IT BEGAN: In 2010, Allie Altenhofen, class of 2011, felt blessed to be involved in sport that required both physical and mental abilities. She felt strongly about giving back to those who have experienced health problems such as cancer. So she decided to find a way to raise money on a larger scale, coming up with the idea for the Blackout for Cancer Run. 

WHO: Staley Boys and Girls Cross Country 

WHAT: Run six miles from Oak Grove Park to the District Activities Complex on the campus of Staley High School, relaying the football game ball, adorned with a yellow ribbon, from runner to runner as they make their way through the streets of the Northland prior to the game. 

WHY: To spread awareness of Childhood Cancer through the streets of the Northland and to raise money by selling t-shirts to the student body and in the community. 

HOW MUCH IT HAS HELPED: Over the past six years, this year being the 7th Annual Blackout Relay for Childhood Cancer, the cross country team has donated about $10,000 to Children’s Mercy.

The girls cross country team runs down North Oak Trafficway. The teams ran the game ball to the stadium on Oct. 14. “I think it is a great way to spread the word about the kids that aren’t as fortunate as us,” said freshman Alexandra Hamre.