Twitter Assassins

Students Play Assassin


Dawson Parks getting Brendan Bretz out in the first round of the game on Nov. 26 in Dawson’s Car. Parks lured Bretz in and surprised him by spraying him. “It was exciting. I do not regret getting my best friend out” said Parks. Photo by Alex Hamre.

Jack Warner, Staff

The junior class has recently unofficially adopted a game that is popular amongst other high schools across the country. The game is called Assassin, where players try to eliminate other players in an attempt to be the last one standing.

Rules were posted on a Twitter account, and money started to be collected in November. The students who started the game were juniors Aidan Johnson and Gracie Neff. Johnson acted on the idea as it was something many juniors wanted to do, and Neff became the first game’s commissioner.

“I keep control of everything, and I have call over everyone else,” said Commissioner Gracie Neff.

Neff also runs the Twitter account, originally started by Johnson, where she posts the elimination videos.

“My idea in creating Assassin was to create something to bring juniors together during a dull time of the school year,” said Johnson.

Students got creative in trying to eliminate their assigned targets. They found out where their targets lived, practiced and even worked in an effort to get them out. In order to remain in the game, they cannot get “assassinated” and they must eliminate their target. The round that started in November began with 40 participants, each signing for a fee of $5. The $200 collected from the fees is the prize awarded to the last person standing.

To get a target out, one must get their target wet, whether it be with a waterbottle, squirt gun or water balloon. There also must be a clear video of the elimination that is then posted on the assassin Twitter profile. There is also a time limit, approximately a week, that people are allowed to get their targets before a new round starts.

The purpose of the game is to have fun. Despite the rules and money, it started at the school for students to have a good time.

“I think the thing that I like most about Assassin is just being able to have a fun competition with your friends and being able to mess around,” said junior Alexis Utz.

The first game is almost in the books, but those looking to participate in a game are in luck because more are rumored to be right around the corner.